SODA.Validate — Your Fast-Track to Certified Vehicle.

Consolidate all your testing into a single solution, cutting infrastructure and development costs. Maximize software validation efficiency by impressive 150%.

One for All Vehicles
Purchasing one product instance you can support any vehicle configuration and switch from one vehicle model to another within seconds.
AI and Digital Twins
Leveraging AI and Digital Twin Approach, SODA.Validate enables effortless test generation from feature requirements down to tests and their execution.
Single validation tool that helps you go from bench system testing to vehicle validation and certification.
Hybrid MIL-SIL-HIL Mode
Unified test environment covers all levels from MIL / SIL to HIL. Hybrid mode enables early integration at system and vehicle level in parallel.
SODA.Validate empowers you to create tests in a human-readable language, with a co-pilot streamlining test implementation.
Universal Data Bus
SODA.Validate provides a universal data bus to connect within Automotive, Robotics, IoT and AI ecosystems worldwide.

Connect your Vehicle ECUs to the Software-Defined Rig and run your tests in Validate Studio web application.

Validate Studio

Web-based interface simplifies and automates the process of test creation and execution. Your tests are always at hand.

Software-Defined Rig

Powerful HIL Rig for your software validation, which can be configured to test any vehicle with just a few clicks.

Rig Modules

Universal Input / Output
Perfect to emulate sensors:
  • 8 universal channels;
  • High accuracy of measured and generated signals;
  • Wide range of measured and generated signals 0-27V.
Interface Multiplexer
Perfect to emulate networks:
  • 8 CANFD channels;
  • 1 LIN 2.0 channel;
  • CANFD multiplexer 8 inputs / 16 outputs.
Electronic Load
Perfect to emulate actuators:
  • 8 universal load channels;
  • Peak dissipated power of 200W per channel;
  • Total module capacity of 600W for robust testing scenarios.

Validation Library

Our library offers a ready-to-use and continuously updated collection of digital twins of sensors, actuators, and ECUs, as well as test scenarios and their implementations.

Save time and take ready-to-use assets without a need to develop from scratch.