Automotive industry is facing a challenging situation.

Budgets per vehicle are decreasing. The traditional method of delegating tasks to 150+ suppliers and spending millions on each of them does not seem to be an effective solution.

To stay competitive, automakers need a way to speed up vehicle creation and reduce development costs.

In SODA, we believe that the future of vehicles is Software Defined.
To make it practical it also requires right E/E Architecture, powerful engineering Tools and Library of reusable engineering assets.

That’s why we created SODA SDV Kit — the world’s first ready-to-use kit for making a Software Defined Vehicle.

SDV-ready ECUs:
– Ecotron
– Vehicle Engineering
– Systems Engineering
– Software Implementation

SODA SDV Kit allows automakers to develop software for vehicle 2x faster, with 4x less cost, without any compromises on quality, safety, and security.

Buy expensive toolsHire a big teamFinally get SW developed4 Years, $40MGet started with SODA V toolStart with smaller teamUse SODA.Library to get there sooner2 Years, $10M3 months6122448$1M2M3M4M$5M

Easy to Start

SODA V Suite is free to start prime engineering experience with shallow learning curve

Tons to Reuse

200+ vehicle features with requirements, architecture, software components and tests


less cost

AI-powered tools and processes, automation and reuse with no compromise on quality

SODA SDV Kit enables:

  • Innovation in Design & Development process
  • Features diversity and personalization
  • E/E Architecture: Zonal Architecture and Central ECU
  • Continuous improvement and seamless Software Updates
  • Software reuse across different vehicles
  • Improved quality assurance with early integration and virtual testing
  • Quality, Safety, Cybersecurity
  • Ecosystem & Collaboration
  • AI and Digital Twin

SODA SDV Kit guarantees the fastest, most cost-effective path to Software Defined Vehicle.