SODA created SDV Kit – the world’s first ready-to-use kit to make a Software Defined Vehicle.
With SODA SDV Kit, automakers get upgradable vehicle models ready for certification significantly faster, and with less cost.

SDV Kit is a versatile business solution suitable for a wide range of automakers, including automotive startups, well-established OEMs, and retrofitters.

With its Racing Software Library and 3D Simulator, SDV Kit is a great fit for Motorsports.

For Autonomous Vehicle companies, SDV Kit offers a vehicle development platform, providing comprehensive access to vehicle functions.

Automotive Startups
Selecting the tools that meet business goals, safety, and cybersecurity are crucial for automotive startups. Balancing this with modest budgets and shrinking time to market is challenging.

Focus on vehicle design and user experience, and we'll make sure you are equipped with the right tools and the library of ready-to-use SW, for a streamlined process from design to certification.
Established Automakers face challenges with legacy systems, collaboration complexities, and high integration and validation costs.

Streamline and optimize your SW engineering process with improved SW quality and lower costs.
Bus Manufacturers
Bus Manufacturers are facing small-scale production challenges, cybersecurity concerns, and limited SW engineering capacity.

Use our solutions to roll out innovative features for drivers and passengers, fully compliant with industry standards and legislation.
Autonomous Shuttles
Autonomous Vehicles development require advanced methods and tools in design and the validation at the same time people's transportation demands extra measures in safety and cyber-security.

We know how to build a Bus, a Van and an Autonomous Car. This blend of skills is unique and ideal as the foundation for any Autonomous Shuttles Development project.
Retrofitters and Restomod Shops
Retrofitters and restomod shops focus on enhancing the user experience, with limited or zero capabilities to modify the car SW.

We are here to unlock you with advanced technology, intelligent ECUs and advanced SW features for a tailored car experience.
In Motorsport, innovation is increasingly dependent on top-tier software.

Speed up your development and prototyping, and integrate top-tier AI pilots.

We have the experience and the tools. Let's work together to keep you competitive on the track.