Create your SDV easier than ever before.

SODA.Create combines automotive industry best practices, MBSE, AI innovation and modern UX into holistic collaborative engineering experience. Enables seamless transition from blueprint to product accelerated by features like requirements creation with AI, automated software allocation and assembly.

Affordable for everyone. Available in your browser.

Vehicle product scope, attributes, goals and constraints
Vehicle features and systems requirements, architecture and integration
Software applications and services design and distribution across the vehicle ECUs
Single Source of Truth
Requirements, Interfaces, Functional and Software/Electrical/Electronic (S/E/E) architectures designed and seamlessly put together in one place.
Model-Based & Data-Driven
Vehicle features, systems, software and hardware are interconnected using design diagrams and linked data-driven requirements, their decomposition and traceability.
Jump-Start Your Project
No need to start from scratch.
SODA.Library with hundreds vehicle features templates and modular configurable application software is perfectly embedded in SODA.Create to enable reuse and easy customization.
Powered by AI
Integrated AI is an all-in-one team member always ready to help with regulatory compliance, requirements management, design verification, and your every other step on the mission.
Changes Under Control
Simultaneous work and online communication with internal engineers and external stakeholders. Track of changes and recovery for each design object. Versions, revisions, baselines. Everything to enable collaborative engineering process and ability to do quick design iterations.
Vehicle Digital Twin
Iterate through V-cycle faster than ever before.
Digital twin of a vehicle from SODA.Create is a cornerstone of a whole SODA V. From requirements & architecture, it allows to automate software assembly & deployment, as well as test design & environment configuration in SODA.Validate.

SODA.Create Focus

  • Scope Management, Baselines & Releases
  • Decomposition & Traceability
  • Suppliers & Teams Deliverables Integration
  • Design Verifications & Reviews
  • Compliance with Guidelines & Standards
  • Software Applications & Services Deployment
  • Change Management
  • Boundaries, Interfaces & Dependencies
  • Workflows & Lifecycle Management
  • Online Collaboration
  • Impact Analysis & Root Cause Identification
  • Powerful API & Seamless Toolchain Integration