SODA.Enable team is your partner in Vehicle, Systems, Controls, and Software Engineering.

From drafting initial requirements to achieving vehicle type certification, SODA enables our customers to make it right from the first attempt.

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Vehicle / FeatureDesignSystem / SoftwareDesignSystem / SoftwareValidationSoftwareImplementationVehicle / FeatureValidation
Vehicle Product Definition
Specification of vehicle product scope, feature set, functional, and performance attributes.
Vehicle E/E Architecture
Vehicle electrical and electronic architecture design based on product goals.
Vehicle Regulatory and Compliance Analysis
Evaluation of vehicle compliance to regulatory and safety standards and documenting it for audit purposes.
Vehicle Functional Safety Analysis
Addressing vehicle functional safety hazards and ensuring ISO 26262 compliance through safety measures.
Vehicle Cybersecurity Analysis
Addressing vehicle cybersecurity threats and ensuring ISO 21434 compliance through security measures.
Vehicle Feature Requirements Analysis
Definition of vehicle feature requirements and their verification throughout the development lifecycle.
Vehicle Feature Functional Architecture
Design of vehicle feature architecture: specification of affected systems, required interfaces and integration, definition of system requirements.
Vehicle Feature Testing & Validation
Creation and execution of test cases for validation of vehicle feature requirements and architecture using HIL rigs with real or simulated systems.
Vehicle Simulation
Development of simulation environment: models of real-world conditions, vehicle dynamics and vehicle components. Analysis of the simulation results to refine the design prior to physical implementation.
Vehicle Integration
Integration of individual vehicle systems and components. Ensuring their compatibility and functionality.
Vehicle Certification
Support in vehicle testing to ensure compliance with regulatory and safety standards and submission of documentation required for vehicle certification process.
System Requirements Analysis
Definition of system requirements based on vehicle features and other considerations. Requirements verification throughout the development lifecycle.
System Functional Safety Analysis
Identification and mitigation of system safety risks, implementation of safety measures for compliance, continuous monitoring of safety performance.
System Cybersecurity Analysis
Assessment of system vulnerabilities to cyber threats, security measures implementation, continuous monitoring and update of security protocols.
System DFMEA
Analysis of system components failure modes, root causes, effects, severity, and specification of prevention and detection controls.
Software Architecture
Definition of the structural design of software systems: software components, their interfaces and integration. Decomposition of system requirements to the software level.
Controls and Software Engineering
Design, development and validation of precise control algorithms and robust software to meet system requirements and enhance its performance and quality.
Software Implementation
Implementation of software components models and automated code generation following industry-defined modelling and safety standards such as AUTOSAR and MISRA C.
Software Testing
Software units testing, software integration and integration testing in MIL and SIL.
System Testing & Validation
Creation and execution of test cases for validation of system requirements using HIL rigs with the real system and its integrations with other systems or their simulations.
System Simulation
Development and calibration of system dynamics & environments simulation models, analysis of the simulation results to improve and optimize system design and function.
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Matas Simonavicius, CTO at CHARGE CARS
Matas Simonavicius, CTO at CHARGE CARS

SODA.Enable has extensive expertise in all vehicle systems and domains:

  • Battery Management
  • Drivetrain & Vehicle Dynamics
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • High Voltage & Low Voltage Power
  • Thermal Control
  • Lights: Exterior and Interior
  • Doors, Windows and Latches
  • Horn, Seatbelts, Wipers
  • Safety & Security
  • HMI & User Experience
  • Connectivity
  • ADAS & Autonomous Driving
  • Software Updates
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics

Why choosing SODA.Enable as engineering partner is the right decision:

  • Top performing team of 40+ engineers.
  • 8+ years in vehicle engineering, 50+ successful projects.
  • Skilled in every aspect of vehicle, systems and software engineering and integration.
  • Next door to your office. With you when you need it.
  • Cost effective with offshore engineering resources.