Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

GPT (ChatGPT account required)

This assistant is designed to boost the marketing efforts of automotive software products. It offers insights and tools for developing compelling marketing strategies, enhancing product visibility, and effectively reaching target audiences in the competitive automotive market.


Automotive AI Hub

SODA Automotive AI Hub is the central repository for a variety of AI applications for the automotive industry.

It offers tools that assist in vehicle design & development, including system engineering, software development, testing & validation, certification, compliance, product marketing and more.

The Hub aggregates apps from multiple AI platforms, providing a single source for both OpenAI-based solutions as well as bespoke AI apps developed by SODA.

SODA Automotive AI Apps

Simulation Scenario Generator
What is SDV
Regulations Assistant
Requirement Assistant
Marketing Assistant
Test Copilot
Competitors Analyst
Requirements Migration
Safety Assistant
Security Assistant
Naming Assistant
Traceability Assistant
Software Architecture Assistant
Parameters Identification

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