Vehicle State Machine
Vehicle State Machine
Vehicle State Machine coordinates vehicle behavior by monitoring systems states and conditions, adjusting the operational state to ensure safety and efficiency. Supports multiple use cases like Sleep/Wake cycles and Drive readiness. Integrates with security and safety standards, adhering to ASIL D and SAL 4 requirements. Offers configurable parameters and detailed fault handling.
Vehicle State Machine
Supported by 3 Components in Software Library
Vehicle State Machine Charging Request Manager;
Vehicle State Machine; and 1 more...

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Explore 200+ Vehicle Features for different vehicle types, covering everything from wipers and lights to advanced motion control and autonomous driving, validated and refined through the course of multiple certified vehicle programs.

Adoption for a vehicle program is smooth, saving years of engineering required to make it from scratch. Support is provided if needed, including customization support.

Each Vehicle Feature is a configurable package with multiple layers and elements interconnected with requirements traceability and design diagrams.

This package includes:

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  • Feature Functional Architecture
  • Feature Software Package
  • Feature Validation Package
  • Feature Certification Package